As part of a global partnership with Project C.U.R.E., the US State Department, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, African Leadership is participating in the Saving Mothers, Giving Life initiative to provide medical supplies and equipment for women and newborns across sub saharan Africa. The goal of this initiative is to help end the tragic and largely preventable deaths of women and newborns in Uganda and Zambia – two countries with high maternal and neonatal mortality.  

A container of medical supplies typically provides roughly $500,000 of medical equipment and supplies to assessed facilities. In Zambia, our focus will be in the Eastern Province including 3 hospitals and 3 health clinics – serving a total population of approximately 2,182,402 people across eastern Zambia. In addition to providing equipment and supplies, the partnership will provide for training and awareness regarding proper treatment of pregnancy and newborns including the need to give birth in a hospital with a doctor present. As part of this partnership, the shipment of supplies that African Leadership sends to eastern Zambia will be matched in another part of the country by the US State Department – doubling the impact we make through the funds for this one shipment of supplies.  Early results from this global partnership include a 30% decrease in maternal mortality rates and and 62% increase in deliveries happening in facilities.