TSC Trip 2018

In March 2018, TSC sent a team to see African Leadership’s program in Rwanda up close. Led by African Leadership’s Country Director Mezack Nkundabantu, Pastor Duane Murray, John Murphy, Ryan Giffen, and Keith Wainauski visited with African Leadership students, teachers, and graduates. They saw the full cycle of the program at work — from new students getting study Bibles to current students learning to see their community through a Biblical worldview to graduates putting their education to use by planting churches, starting women’s cooperatives and orphan care outreaches, ministering to Pygmies, refugees, and more. For their stories and firsthand accounts from the field, visit facebook.com/groups/Journey2Rwanada.


“We are seeing the evidence of how an ongoing training process of leaders is multiplying ministry throughout Rwanda and into neighboring countries. God has joined our hearts together to see His Kingdom continue to expand in Rwanda so the faith of Rwandans in Jesus, our hope, will bless the world,” said Duane. 


TSC has committed to walk alongside Mezack and his network in Rwanda.  You can join us in our efforts to give more local leaders the chance to enroll in African Leadership’s program, learn about the Gospel, and then transform their communities with that knowledge. For just $29/month — less than $1/day — you can invest in the education of one of these leaders as they strengthen their communities spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 


Join us today!