They Know Best is a powerful idea that we believe has yet to be considered.

Over the past 20 years African Leadership has worked in over 23 different countries with thousands of men of women. We've had the unique privilege of working with leaders from all different walks of life and while we have learned many things during that time, it


It is our belief that men and women who spend their life working and living in a community intuitively have a knowledge and understanding about how their community functions and develops. It's as simple as this, people who are involved and a part of a community don't need those who are outside that community to make decisions on their behalf. 

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 hope to continue to do this work for years to come. We've learned a lot over the past few years and we think #TheyKnowBest is an idea worth talking about. 

The men and women who are working to develop their local communities in Africa, do not need Americans to tell them how to develop their community. What they need and what we need is a relationship tha