Investing in Africa's Servant Leaders 

These men and women are the starting point for tackling the moral, cultural, and physical challenges their communities face. 

Our role is to join their fight and walk alongside them.  Through our Common Ground Initiative, we provide a theological education, a framework for community development, and an opportunity to grow a sustainable, Gospel-focused mission. 

The basis of our shared belief with these leaders is this:  the Gospel matters.  Every time.  It’s through Christ’s love that communities and people are changed and restored.  That’s why, for more than 18 years, the foundation of our work is Biblical and theological training. 

With Your Support, We've Accomplished So Much.



pastors and local leaders are Common Ground Academy graduates in the last two years alone.


people access clean water every day. 



worth of medical supplies are at use in rural and urban clinics.


 former sex slaves are experiencing a life of freedom.


orphans have shelter, food, water, and care.


We Work Through Four Mutually-Dependent Angles


A two year, ten course
education that leads to greater understanding of the Truth and unity among leaders.


An effective step-by-step approach for the Gospel and the local church to break down earthly barriers including tribal, health, and economic issues.


A unique solution crafted and enacted by local church leaders after completing the Common Ground Handbook.


Seed funding acting as a catalyst for future sustainability and local investment, often times resulting in jobs and economic impact.

We cannot do this work without you.