An estimated 1+ million orphans live in Malawi, where almost 75% of the population lives below the poverty line. This is where the Lizulu Orphan Care Project (LOCP) and its local founder Everton Kamangire step in.  LOCP is a community-based solution to Malawi’s orphan crisis – one that is locally run and allows orphans to continue to live in family homes in the community.

Thanks to LOCP, around 500 orphans are served through six different care centers that provide food, medical care, educational support, and a place for the children to just have fun – soccer and Bawo (a board game) are among their favorites! LOCP also provides support for the families the children are placed with to help them take on the responsibility of an additional child.

LOCP is dedicated to finding creative ways to grow in its local sustainability and has increased its local donation thanks to a farm project (that also provides food for the children) and rental homes on the property.