This program assists older teenage orphans (18 to 20) as they transition from living in an institution to looking after themselves in new circumstances and a new environment.  The program is operated through a network of local churches.  It provides orphans graduating from institutional orphan care with (a) one year of on-going spiritual and psycho-social support, (b) life skills training, (c) work readiness training, (d) 3 month job placement with partner companies, (e) sourcing of suitable and affordable group housing.

Orphans who “graduate” from state run orphanages are usually ill-prepared for the challenges of life.  This program prepares orphans holistically with a spiritual foundation, emotionally and socially to face the challenges of living as an adult, and economically by providing real employment opportunity.

Project Scope

This proposal seeks to implement this program with a group of 30 orphans.  This would serve as a pilot program to test and establish a working relationship between African Leadership, Living Hope, African Leadership’s new national director in Zimbabwe, and the Miracle Mission church network in Zimbabwe.


This project is born out of local, invested leadership.  It is operated through the local church. It is supported locally through financial contributions, fees paid by employers, and volunteers.  Program beneficiaries are empowered to provide for themselves financially.