There are over 60 orphans at the Flame of Love orphan care program in the Democratic Republic of Congo, all under the excellent care of Sister Alvera, a local leader in Goma who stepped forward to serve her community. Through Flame of Love, children receive a safe place to call home, help with school fees and uniforms, trauma-healing counseling, and basic care such as medical assistance and food. 

Flame of Love also works tirelessly to support itself through an agricultural program. This program helps offset operational costs and provides the children with a consistent source of food as it harvests beans, potatoes, maize, and cassava.


Sake, a town northwest of Goma, has dealt with military occupation, the threat of ongoing violence, and the aftermath of devastating volcanic eruptions.  The Sake orphan care program serves as an integral outreach to the children left orphaned in this area.

Around 80 orphans are cared for through this program, including the provision of trauma-healing counseling, school fees and uniforms, medical assistance, and basic care such as shelter and food.


In Mubambiro, a village northeast of Sake, the local orphan care program cares for 35 boys and 20 girls. Mubambiro has played host to both the CNDP rebels and government forces over the years, and throughout the wars, many children lost their parents and were left with no one to care for them. Local pastors had a vision to step in and they did just that.

For the past eight years, the orphan care program at Mubambiro has worked to support local orphans through educational support and feeding programs. More recently, trauma-care counseling and medical care have been added to the program, and updated accommodation for the children and agricultural operations for sustainable food sources are in the plans.