Use Your Talents To Serve Alongside Our Staff


The Chief Strategy Officer makes African Leadership’s mission possible by creating sustainable 
relationships between high-impact Africans and high-involvement Americans. This high-profile 
position reports directly to the President and is a critical part of the leadership team, ensuring 
that African Leadership is a prolific servant and innovator in the mission field.
The Chief Strategy Officer will knit together into a cohesive whole various funding strands of 
1. Spontaneous giving through our Know.Think.Act brand
2. Supporting memberships through our Mocha Club community
3. Strategic support for African Leadership led initiatives including major gifts, planned 
giving and new, innovative streams of funding currently under development.
This role will be majority-focused on relationship development, as the organization has 
developed a healthy and high-functioning marketing and communications team.

The ideal person can come from many different walks of life, but her or his life experience will 
have a broad sampling of these characteristics:
• Varied background in different economic sectors in order to bring a full range of 
  experiences to any conversation or challenge.
• Overseas posting or in-depth international work and living experience, in order to walk 
  with humbleness with our impact partners.
• Wealth of meaningful relationships nationally and internationally, in order to 
  demonstrate an interest in others that is personal, not financial.
• Track record of success in business or other forms in order to demonstrate a healthy 
  balance of innovation, persistence and process management. 
• One or more forms of artistic or written expression, in order to penetrate the defenses of 
  indifference and ignorance. 
• Recovery from a personal or professional failure, in order to live humbly and 
• Commitment to live as a servant – and a child – of God.