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We're blogging LIVE from Ethiopia!

Deciding to go to Africa is a big decision. Finding time to take off work, someone to keep your kids on a schedule, take care of your pets, fill in on your carpool day.  But as the saying goes, the risk is worth the reward, and trusting that a plan will work out for all those little details so your trip to Africa can become a reality is no different. Not ready to commit just yet? We get that, too. That’s why we’re live-blogging an Ethiopia trip happening RIGHT NOW – to give you a look into what this adventure is like. #blogABLE, a joint trip between African Leadership subsidiaries Mocha Club and fashionABLE, is a team of 12 individuals currently on the ground in Addis Ababa, spending time visiting African Leadership project, Women at Risk. As the team members are highly involved in the online world, they will all be blogging their daily experiences – a great opportunity for you to get a peek into what African Leadership is about, the work we are involved in, and what a future site visit could look like for you.

Ready to dive in? Learn a little bit about how the trip came together, the team members, their mission, and follow along with their daily adventures here.  We’re exited to get to share this experience with you!