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Ordinary man. Extraordinary purpose.

John Murphy is an ordinary man. But upon hearing of the desperate need for Bibles in Africa, he discovered his extraordinary purpose. The thought that others weren’t able to experience the transformation that takes place when a heart is exposed to the Word of God, much like his had been, was unthinkable. He was spurred to action. Two years ago, John organized a Bible collection with his local church. His effort rounded up over 10,000 Bibles, which they then shipped to Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. This year, John’s purpose was magnified tenfold when he traveled to Malawi, the “Warm Heart of Africa.” Seeing God at work in the hearts and minds of the pastors participating in African Leadership’s Leadership Development classes, John realized his extraordinary purpose to make God’s Word accessible had only just begun.

Because of this, an initiative was formed with African Leadership, Leonard Chipangano (our Malawi Country Director), the American Bible Society, and the Bible Society of Malawi to not only get Bibles into the hands of those without them, but to also engage in ongoing assessments of the Leadership Development program to ensure its effective use of those Bibles. The initiative was piloted with graduates of the Leadership Development program who are either pastoring a current church or planting a new church in the central region of Malawi. In June, 20 such pastors were given a personal Study Bible and a case of Bibles in their local language for community use. Now, two months later, almost half of those pastors are already reporting remarkable growth in their churches. Churches that had not previously held Bible studies for lack of resources have established Bible study groups. Unprecedented growth has been conveyed back to us: increased enthusiasm and excitement for God’s Word has attracted many unchurched people into these church communities. Furthermore, it has piqued the attention of surrounding local pastors who were preaching without theological training. Many are now registering for Leadership Development classes.

All of this, because of an ordinary man’s extraordinary purpose.

Much like John, you have the ability to be extraordinary and give the gift of the Gospel by supporting a pastor for just $108. Make your purposeful impact today.