“Rejoice always, Pray Continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV

Fri 1- Praise God for our partners on the ground in Africa; for their diligence, their integrity, and their desire to see their communities thrive!

Sat 2- Pray for Pastor Mezack Nkundabantu, Country Director for Rwanda and Burundi. Pray for Mezack’s health and for peace in the uncertainty of what’s next. Pray for his wife Helene as she supports him during this journey. Pray for his ministry back in Rwanda that continues in his absence and pray that the stress of being away from it for a prolonged period of time is manageable for Mezack. 

Sun 3- Pray for Tito Iranga, Country Director for Sudan & South Sudan, as he manages his work / life balance. He is currently overseeing operations in 2 war-torn countries plus the massive undertaking of working in the refugee camps. He is stretched and passionate about his work. Yet, he also has a wife and 4 young children (ages 2-13) at home. He deeply desires being a present Dad and is learning the tension of both work and family life. 

Mon 4- Pray for Peter Ochiel's family as they have taken in 4 children from Blessed Camp  after their mother passed away and they have no known relatives.

Tue 5- Please pray for the staff at the Flame of Love orphanage in Goma, Congo as they love and care for the children. Please continue to pray healing for Sister Alvera, director of the orphanage, as she is treated for cancer far from home in Italy. 

Wed 6- Pray for Geoffrey Ocan, Country Director for Uganda. Pray that his teachers and students will be committed to their studies. Pray that African Leadership Uganda will be accredited this year.  Also, please pray that the government policies being made will not frustrate the work of the church in Uganda. 

Thu 7- Pray for Denis Hangi, Country Director for Congo and his team in the aftermath of the December elections. Pray for the safety of Denis and his family, for his board, teachers, students, and graduates. Pray for classes to continue uninterrupted in the aftermath, growing the impact and importance of the church in the midst of political instability. 

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”

Ephesians 6:18 NIV

Fri 8- Pray for Allan Knowles, Country Director for South Africa, as he continues to teach and mentor the students who are part of our theological education program there.  Allan would like to expand his ministry into some of the rural towns outside of Cape Town. Please pray for the exposure and contact he needs.  

Sat 9- Praise God for the Fabulous Friends for Africa! Please pray for them as they prepare for this evening's 12th Annual Valentine's Dance which benefits the ministry of African Leadership! Pray for a successful event.

Sun 10- Pray for Irene Tongoi, founder of the New Dawn Educational Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.  Pray for the new school principal to catch the vision for the ministry and to rally the staff team around it. Pray for encouragement for the students and staff. Pray for God to increase the number of parents who can pay their part of the fees.

Mon 11- Pray for the leaders and students at Action School at Blessed Camp as they  begin a new grade. Pray for Peter Ochiel as he leads Action Ministry in Eastern Kenya.

Tue 12- Praise God for our impact partner The Mocha Club and the influencers who share our work in Africa with their audiences.  Please pray for God to increase our Mocha Club membership so that we can continue to support our partners throughout Africa. 

Wed 13- Pray for those who will take part in the 2019 Mocha Club Journey to Kenya in June.  We trust God to bring together those individuals He wants to be a part of this team.

Thu 14- Please pray for our Country Director, Asrat Gizaw, as he balances a rapidly growing program in Ethiopia. Pray for his local Board, that they would be the support he needs in this busy time. Also, pray for the country of Ethiopia as there is instability there. 

Fri 15- Pray for Jonathan Titus-Williams, Country Director in Sierra Leone, as he serves the teachers and students of our program there. Please pray for physical and spiritual strength for Jonathan and for his Board of Directors to continue to be a support to him. Pray for a more fruitful ministry this year in his local church and the African Leadership ministry. Jonathan is also praying for God to grant his children scholarships this year to be able continue their studies. 

Sat 16- Pray for peace in South Sudan! Pray for classes which continue in areas of great instability inside South Sudan. Pray for safety & provision for our teachers and students as they gather to meet and learn the Word of God. 

 “And you are helping us by praying for us. Then many people will give thanks because God has graciously answered so many prayers for our safety.”

2 Corinthians 1:11 NLT

Sun 17- Please pray for our U.S. staff; for health, encouragement, and passion to continue to serve God in this ministry.

Mon 18- Pray for Leonard Chipangano, Country Director for Malawi, as he serves the students and teachers in our theological education program there. He is asking for prayer for abundant grace so that the ministry will make a big impact in people's lives.  He has also asked for prayer for his family; for the availability of school fees for his children.

Tue 19- Praise God for the Spread The Word program which raises funds to equip our theological education students with Study Bibles! 

Wed 20- Please pray for those at risk of contracting the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Country Director Denis Hangi asks us to please remember those brothers and sisters who are suffering with the disease or mourning the loss of loved ones due to this virus.

Thu 21- Pastor Mezack Nkundabantu, our Country Director in Rwanda & Burundi is praying the Lord will bring an individual to take over his church responsibilities by the middle of 2019.  Please pray with him in this matter. 

Fri 22- Pray for the Women at Risk program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  They are serving 69 women at the moment and have asked us to pray for holistic transformation for these women.  Also, they have been facing major funding shortages and are looking for churches, organizations and government offices locally that can support them; please pray for God's favor upon them as they approach these local potential partners. 

Sat 23- Praise God for our Board of Directors who generously invest in this ministry with their time, talent and treasures! 

Sun 24- Please pray for the spouses and families of our partners in Africa. May they know God's presence and peace, protection and provision.  

 “I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers.”

Philemon 1:4 NIV

Mon 25- Pray for success in the growth of the New Dawn Mentorship Ltd. (formerly New Dawn Children’s Abstinence Program). This program aspires to expand its operation in ways that will generate income that would provide financial subsidy for the operations of the New Dawn Educational Centre.

Tue 26- Pray for the women and children who are taking part in one of our trauma-healing programs. Pray for those who have been through a program, that they would continue down the path of healing. 

Wed 27- Pray for the local Board of Directors in Rwanda as they finalize their registration with the Rwandan government. Requirements for non profit organizations to register are more here than in other countries. Pray as this Board prepares their documents and showcases their vision; that the government will be favorable.

Thu 28- Praise God for the many men and women who graduated in 2018 from our theological education program!  Pray for these alumni to be agents of change and transformation in their communities.