Meet Denis. He is one example of the powerful impact of this global community you are a part of. For the last 20 years, he has worked to grow the church in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Amidst war, chaos, and trauma, he remains unwavering in his commitment to affect real and sustainable change in his corner of the world.

He is passionately playing the part God uniquely made and gifted him to play. And seeing him at work is a magnificent display of the splendor of his Creator. Denis is a wonderful example of this community of believers that leverages who we are, gives what we have, uses what we know and learns what we don’t to leave a lasting impact.

Thank you for walking alongside men and women like Denis. There are many roles in this Body of Christ and we couldn’t display His splendor without you. As Denis so fiercely states: “We have to help the others. We have to work for the others who do not know.”

Thank you for helping Denis and others like him work for those who do not know.