War and poverty have written much of Congo’s story.

But there’s a church in the countryside taking back the narrative. Thanks to you and Pastor Jean, they are rewriting their story as that of a thriving community.

Your support of African Leadership allows local leaders to receive trauma-healing training.

Before his training, Pastor Jean explains, “I saw in the streets many kids. Children filled our church every morning. Some wept. They’d never smile and would get aggressive. Joy was missing and it was difficult for me to see. In my heart I tried to help them, bring joy to them with songs and dances, but it was not enough.”


Because of you, Pastor Jean learned how to address child trauma.

“It was a blessing. It opened my mind and made me strong in this ministry, which is not only a pillar to my church but that will help many children in this place. We’ve become friends with these kids and have helped them commit their lives and pains to Jesus who can take care of us. Now I know the trauma these children live with and how to lead them. Now they can get healing in my church, in my family, and in our environment.”

In a place where thriving seems impossible, Pastor Jean is changing the storyline. His church has become an agent of change for traumatized children, a place where the next generation can heal and grow and thrive together.

Pastor Jean has been the difference to this community, and you have been the difference to Pastor Jean.