Right now, Daniel* is in school in Ethiopia. Why? Because Abebe understood how loved he was and learned how to act on it through African Leadership.

Abebe teaches our community development course in northern Ethiopia. Here, he shares how this has impacted his community:

I trained 9 trainees in Gonder, in the northern part of the country. We studied and were impacted by the program to serve our community from the perspective of a Biblical worldview. The program helped us to refine our worldview. It gave us skills to gather data, make an analysis based on the data, and prepare a realistic strategic action plan in our ministry and life.

So we prepared a plan to address orphan children or children who do not have proper care from their family. Last year we supported two children: their school fees, uniforms, and school materials by raising funds from our small congregation. This year, based on our financial resources, we continue to support one child.

His name is Daniel. He is 14 years old. He was born from a blinded mother and father. They support themselves by selling lottery in the streets. Now he is a grade 7 student and is active in his school and in his social interactions. We have committed ourselves to helping him.

*Name changed to protect the identity of the child.