Sakina Walikunza Lea, Democratic Republic of Congo

I was born in an unsaved family. With my husband, we received Jesus as our personal savior and were baptized. In prayer group in my church, I felt a call to be trained. I knew I could preach and visit with some of our fellow members.

Because of the African Leadership training, I realized there were a lot of mistakes in my early preaching. When in the class, I did repent because the training opened my mind to know Biblical truth. It was my opportunity to ask for explanation about the issues where I was making mistakes. 


Now I do preach in women’s meetings and in my church and house. I am seeing some family receiving the Lord and getting saved. I am praising the Lord and thanking African Leadership for the ministry to learn the Bible. I’ve decided to work through my church as an evangelist in my country, especially in teaching to women’s conferences. 

Bless African Leadership and all supporters of this ministry.