Tito Iranga, our Country Director from South Sudan was just here with us. I always love when I get significant time with our African leaders. Every car ride, every meeting with friends, every staff interaction is a place for me to listen and learn. It’s these times when I become more and more aware of the ways God is at work around the continent of Africa. It’s a reminder of all the ways this network of leaders continually leverages their gifts and passions and resources to see their communities thrive. 

But that network doesn’t just exist in Africa. It exists here, too. As a matter of fact, you are a part of it. At African Leadership we are passionate about our use of pronouns. We believe that if my role, my gifts, my resources are more valuable or important than Tito’s, we don’t build anything sustainable. Instead, we are leveraging our collective resources each month so that a local leader in Africa gets the chance to leverage their gifts and passions. Your gift teaches a leader how to discover the resources around them and connect those resources to the things they are passionate about, bringing real and lasting change in their community and truly maximizing the generosity in our community. 

I’m thrilled by the number of men and women like Tito or Sakina we have in our network. Equally, I am thrilled by the number of men and women like you in our network. I am passionate about expanding that network and inviting others to belong to this group. Not just students and communities in Africa, but men and women here who are willing to leverage what they have and who they are to help communities thrive. 

Our goal this year is to invest in 5,500 men and women across the continent of Africa. If you are already a monthly contributor, thank you for the leveraging you do – your part in this story is just as integral as Tito’s or Sakina’s. If you are not, it takes $29 a month – less than a dollar a day – to invest in these leaders who are leveraging all they have and all they are to see their communities thrive. Will you consider leveraging your resources and joining us?

I am grateful for your participation, 

Emily Blackledge
President, African Leadership Inc.

P.S.: Just $29 a month educates a local leader in Africa. Will you help us reach our goal of 5,500 students this year?