A team from Thompson Station Church in Thompson’s Station, TN is on the ground in Rwanda visiting our Country Director, Mezack Nkundabantu, and seeing our work across the country. Duane Murray, Executive & Missions Pastor at Thompson Station Church and an African Leadership Board Member, is leading the team and shares some thoughts below.

We are seeing the evidence of an ongoing investment into leaders that multiplies ministry throughout this country, into neighboring countries, and across oceans.  

Today, we visited a church in the village of Karambe. Started by African Leadership’s Rwanda Country Director, Mezack, and a graduate of African Leadership’s program, Pastor Lameck, this church is having a ripple effect around the world.

In 1998, Mezack was helping an 11-year-old boy get reunited with his parents in the village of Karambe after the Genocide.  When they arrived, many people in the community shared with him the need for a church.  Pastor Lameck then joined Mezack in starting a church together, which became the one we visited.  

20 years later and this church is still thriving and has started two other churches in the area. Each church has an Associate Pastor or someone studying in African Leadership’s seminary-like program preparing to lead the congregation.  Over 200 people are growing together and ministering to their communities through these three bodies of believers.

We had the privilege to distribute Bibles to the church in Karambe. We watched as one of the leaders-in-training became overwhelmed with tears of joy seeing the people she is leading receive Bibles.  It was easy to see the enthusiasm this group of believers have for worshiping the one true God.

Next, we stopped in Matunguru, one of the churches started by the original Karambe church.  Ninety people meet here to worship weekly in a building they purchased last year.  

Guess who bought the building? 

The small congregation contributed two-thirds of the money. The remaining one-third was sent to the church by Pastor Lameck from Antioch, TN.  What? Yes! Since starting the church in Karambe, Pastor Lameck is now helping launch a Kinyarwanda-speaking church in middle Tennessee, but he took precious resources and sent them back to Rwanda to continue the work he began many years ago.

I’m grateful to have been able to experience this ministry and impact firsthand. African Leadership’s work is clearly making a difference and by investing in leaders, the ripple effect continues.

As our day concluded, Pastor Mezack was moved to tears that we were with him in Karambe…and so were we.

Pastor Duane

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