You may remember last month we told you about how you and Tito, our South Sudan Country Director, were providing zinc roofs for refugees in Uganda. But of all that Tito could’ve requested for these refugees, why roofs? Don’t they need food, water, medical care?
African Leadership works through local leaders like Tito for this very reason. He knows what it feels like to send his wife and his children to Uganda for safety while he stays in South Sudan for work. He knows how it feels to wonder what the future looks like for his family amidst the most uncertain circumstances. So when we asked Tito how African Leadership could best serve the refugees fleeing South Sudan, he explained how the UN and other organizations were working to provide basic needs for refugees like food and water -- but no one was focusing on their hearts. 
Throughout Adjumani, he heard over and over a longing for something “sustainable and long lasting” in the midst of near constant uncertainty. They saw zinc roofing as a guarantee that they could protect their families from the rains for as long as they had to be there — be it a year, ten years, the rest of their lives. 
And now, with solid roofs over their heads, Tito moves on to mending their hearts through trauma-healing. Throughout this year, Tito is holding trauma-healing workshops in the camps, helping refugees process what they’ve experienced and begin to heal. The workshops also help local church leaders learn how to handle the trauma they encounter in their congregations and communities — much like you’ll see through the next story of Pastor Salah James.

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