Shalom Africa is a ministry based in Uganda that desires to create lifelong transformations in individuals through spreading God’s original intent for His creation, and teaching people to reconcile with one another, and with God. In order to facilitate these transformations, Shalom Africa focuses its training into specific programs, which include: Family and marriage, pastors and church leaders, students and student leaders, community and community leaders, and women and children.

Pastor David Ocira Geoffrey is the County Director of Shalom Africa, and a current student of the Academy, learning from the BTCP courses. He was also a student of Handbook training in Gulu. Pastor Geoffrey was kind enough to share with us a testimony of the accomplishments of Shalom Africa in the past year, and what the ministry plans to do in the future.

At Gulu Central High School, Shalom Africa was able to minister to students who were candidates for S4 and S6. These students were taught about the importance of stewardship, that we should work to protect and preserve on another. In terms of ministering to students and young people, Pastor Geoffrey says, “in our hearts, we feel that if true transformation is to happen we need to look at students, because after a few years, they will become opinion leaders, business people, and influential people in their society. So, if they are guided when they are still willing to change, then our community will change.”

Shalom Africa conducted ministries that pertained to marriage, and the hardship that can be experienced in a married relationship. In some cases, non-Christian men were brought by their wives to listen and learn, and Pastor Geoffrey says that these men felt very encouraged by the message. These ministries were conducted in the community of Arut in the Paicho sub-county, and the community of Kidikal in the Bobi sub-county. The topics covered included: spousal demands and what causes marriages to weaken, marriage and gender-based violence, roles of men and women in relationships, and how to work together as a married couple.

Shalom Africa was able to minister to pastors and leaders in training in Acet Odek Sub-county of the Gulu District. These future religious leaders were ministered to the importance of living in God’s way, and the character of a leader. Pastor Geoffrey said, “In this one meeting, we were able to bring together pastors and church leaders from different denominations, and they were able to connect with one another and embrace unity as the body of Christ and promise to work together as the body of Christ.”

Pastor Geoffrey recognizes that there are true, deep needs in many communities in Africa, and especially in Northern Uganda. He acknowledges that the need and problems that arise in North Ugandan communities stem from the brokenness caused by war, and the damage war inflicts on moral values. The first task in providing healing and moral repair is to convince these people that their is hope when they decide to give their lives over to Jesus. However, Pastor Geoffrey realizes that there must be a place for these people to gather together in community with others going on the same journey, and place where they can pray, ask questions, read the bible, and learn. Shalom Africa seeks to provide this community total healing from God.

Through the training and ministries conducted this past year, Pastor Geoffrey and other church leaders have truly come to realize the need for these types of training is overwhelming in their community. Pastor Geoffrey says, “We are so grateful to God and to African Leadership for the common handbook training and the excellent community engagement training on developmental initiatives.”

Shalom Africa plans to reach out to the same communities to continue to minister and guide them, and to follow up on the effect the training has had thus far. They also plan to reach out to even more villages and communities in Northern Uganda, hoping to help more and more people through the ministry of God’s word.

We would like to leave you with this call to action from Pastor Geoffrey:

“So, your prayers and support in any way for our activities and involvement for these communities are very important as we join hands to build the kingdom of God together. We also appreciate your continuous heart for the kingdom of God and support in any way.”