We recently received a note from Denis, our Country Director in the DRC passing on a word of thanks to African Leadership and its supporters. 

Denis understands that it may feel like a heavy burden in supporting African churches but it is great and joyful work to invest in the church and it’s leaders - especially in his country, "it is so very helpful."

“The body of Christ in the DRC needs to be built. But the field is too big and the builders are so few. Thank you for your commitment.”

The teachers and students are grateful for the biblical knowledge they receive through the training - their eyes and minds have been open to see the truth of the Bible and it’s teaching. To them, it is a rare opportunity & a privilege to be trained. The manuals are helpful is understanding and distinguishing the Old Testament stories of Creation and Israel’s history to the New Testament stories of God hatred of sin and reward for righteousness.

“This is our sincere thanks from Katindo center.”