If a pastor preaches a 6-week long sermon series, and it only affects one person, was it worth it? In the same sense, if your support trains hundreds of pastors and only one is moved to bring the Word to his community, would it be worth it? 

Because of you, we get to celebrate more than one pastor. Because of you, thousands of lives have been affected. Each month, we receive updates from our country directors from across the continent sharing incredible testimonies of individuals who have studied a biblical worldview and are now graduating pastors. Your support has equipped these pastors to go out to their communities and make a difference. 

Komba Torto & Pastor Moses A.J. Sesay are two such individuals from Sierra Leone that you've supported! Their passion has turned to knowledge and that knowledge has turned into total transformation for the people in their communities.

Komba Torto

 “It is no doubt that I have been yearning for this course and today one of my dream has come to pass. I have gained a lot of knowledge through the BTCP program. I am going to use the knowledge gained to go to the wider community in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ so that people’s lives and lifestyle can be changed and to also help my local church to develop. The knowledge gained in Preaching Biblical Messages, Bible Survey, and Communication Skills will be used in the total transformation of my church and the wider community.

Pastor Moses A.J Sesay

“I see this day as a great day in my life because it is my first day of graduation. I have been attending Bible schools but this is the important one I have attended so far in my life. The impact of the BTCP program is that my life has been undergoing transformation from the day I entered the Baptist Training Centre-Lunsar. The Holy Bible says come out from among them and be ye separate. When I heed to the gospel call of coming out from among them, I am experiencing the difference within me. This impact has also affected others because as a Pastor in Lunsar, there are people that I am leading who want to emulate my good example. Now that I have completed this long awaited course, the knowledge gained will be fully utilized in the transformation of my Ministry. I promised to go all out and bring families together and give them the idea of development and spiritual living from what I have learned.”

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