My name is Grifford. I belong to Zolozolo Church of Central Africa Presbyterian. The reason l quickly accepted the joining of bible training was the fact that l knew that this was the only opportunity for me to learn more about the word of God through the Bible and have a deep understanding of God’s Word.

Since l joined in 2013 l have experienced a number of changes in my spiritual life. My experience is that: Previously l could read the Bible like historical events but now the Holy Spirit is always guiding me in understanding the Bible reading, teaching, and interpreting the Word of God correctly. Without the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, there can be no growth to spiritual maturity.

I have to be faithful to God in all endeavors of my life; for faith guides me to be in fellowship with God. I’m also delighted with Church History Survey Book for it has enlightened me very much about the church history. The lessons learned from the church history are clearly telling me to avoid making mistakes of the past and stick to those beliefs and practices, which are biblically connected. 

I have also learned about the influence of the Holy Spirit (in the book of Acts) through obedient servants of Christ in establishment, progress, spread and expansion of the church. I have also seen the benefits of practicing Biblical principles in my life.

Lastly, I would like to say blessed be the Lord God Almighty who inspired African Leadership to start this training in my community. I am testifying here that through this training my life has been transformed and blessed. To God be all the glory.