Years of ongoing conflict in and around the Congo has led to thousands of refugees. Life in a refugee camp is often a struggle — but several church leaders are also finding it to be an opportunity to build the local church. 

Denis Hangi, our DRC Country Director, recently visited a group of church leaders and refugees who are part of African Leadership’s Common Ground Academy. His letter below offers us a glimpse into how impactful educating a church leader really is — what may seem like an intangible investment to us bears more fruit than we can imagine when put to the test in the face of some of Africa’s toughest challenges.

Denis’ letter:

I was invited by AOG church at Masisi, about 80kms from Goma city, where the wars took place for a long time between Mai-Mai groups and FDLR and so on.

There at Masisi, I met with my students who were displaced during the wars, in about 2008. Being in different camps, they had a leaders’ meeting. On that occasion we shared the stories about being refugees and I tried to encourage them. They were so happy to see me and to share their stories, then they told me about their encouragement, which came from God’s word.

They have used some manuals given from African Leadership. It was a great help. During the evening they could sit together and discuss in order to get something to preach in their small groups in the camps. Each pastor had his group.

So during the whole time in the camps, those manuals were their resource to learn new ideas, and people could get saved and accept the Lord as their personal Savior. Thanks for the supporters of the ministry.

The students have confidence that the whole world is praying for them in facing their afflictions.

They feel that in sharing the word in the camps, they began as familiars, then became best friends.

Though the lives were in bad situation, God’s Word made some young men not to be involved with the rebel movements; it made them to be mature spiritually. Praising God for that.

Still need your assistance in training and equipment, manuals, and so on. When someone is running, everything is left behind to save lives, so they have no Bibles.

The trauma healing is most welcomed. Many have lost their relatives, close friends, parents, and properties.

Prayer request for our country. The elections are still not planned.

In His name,