My name is Daniel Kadyenji. I am a pastor at Jesus Calls Church in the central region of Malawi. 

I became a believer in 2009. My desire to understand God’s Word was so huge, but I did not know what to do because at our church there were no Bible study groups. 

In 2012, I met Pastor Jetala Phiri who was running an African Leadership training program at his church. He encouraged me to join the class. I saw my spiritual life growing tremendously, evidenced by the growth of my prayer life. I graduated in 2013 and served under the supervision of my pastor for some months. Then my church decided to send me to a rural place called Thobola to plant a new church.

I thank God for He has used me powerfully in my ministry. It is now a year since I went for church planting, but I have seen the newly planted church growing from 1 member to 191 members, most of them coming from the background of believing in ancestors. Today I am glad to say that the Bible study sessions, which we are having with these new members, are producing very promising results. I can see that they have started seeing life from God’s perspective unlike in the past when they were associating everything with traditional beliefs. 

I would like to thank African Leadership for the training, which has made me to be what I am today.