What kinds of notebooks, books, pens or pencils do the student pastors bring to class for their studies? How do they get those materials?

We use the ordinary notebooks, exercise books, pencils.  Students buy for themselves, but it can be difficult according to the hardship of lives. 

How do the students travel to their first class? 

Some travel to 6 km (3.7 miles) others may be 8 km (4.9 miles) by buses or footing. Paying the bus every day is not always a possibility.

How does a student’s family support them in getting to their first class?

The family support is limited.  The one who is studying, he is a responsible of his one family.  He has the children to take and pay for school for them, so the burden is very heavy.

How does a typical student feel about that first class?  Nervous?  Excited?

In the first class, the students are very excited to discover new things in the Bible, especially the first study book is to learn how to study and to interpret to know how to study. 

Why do students typically sign up for class?
They sign up to have that opportunity to be equipped for the ministry.

Thank you for supporting these men and women when they embark on this education journey in the Gospel!