From John Walter, AL president who just returned from taking his family to Kenya and South Africa.  

“June 10, 2015: I am currently in South Africa with my family. We are coming up on the two-week mark soon, and just returned from two days at a key location for us in Kenya. New Dawn Educational Center is a beautiful place of sanctuary in the middle of a tough, tough slum village. 

 My family and I picked our way down the narrow paths into the homes of several of the students at New Dawn.  My 20-year old son spent two hours with all the boys (80 of them from 9th-12th grades). Same with my 18-year old daughter and the girls. They discussed dating, God, pressures facing teens and discovered that some things in a slum in Kenya aren't all that different than Franklin, TN. 

Our middle daughter worked in the kitchen helping prepare meals for 200 students, staff and visitors. She sliced a side of beef, pounds of kale, and stirred the ugali (a corn flour mash). She even sliced her finger and got to visit the medical team at the dispensary. Our youngest took beautiful pictures, hung out with the students and developed a keen sense of where to step – and not to step. 

We loved, and were loved on.

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