Where is God in the middle ofyou name it.  

But likely what you and I will name has something to do with our finances, a quarrel with a loved one, cancer or other illness.  

For most of us, it doesn’t involve watching your parent murdered.  Or not knowing where your mother is because she simply left, unable to handle life.  Or making sense of living with a parent who cannot afford to feed you.  

For many of the people our Common Ground pastors lead, these are the situations they face.  The psychological term for it is trauma.  

To our pastors, it’s real life that must be addressed if that person and his or her community is going to move forward and flourish.  

This past week in Goma kicked off what we expect to be a significant focus for us going forward: helping pastors lead their communities when they identify that this kind of deep trauma is stunting the growth of the people they serve.  

This initiative includes:

  • Curriculum that is rooted in sound Biblical and psychological principles, and tailored to children or adults.
  • Training local leaders – many of them our Common Ground pastors -  to facilitate the curriculum in small group settings.
  • Tailored programs based on a community’s needs: in language, location and understanding of the historical and current challenges in that community. 
  • Commemorating this time as the beginning of a healing journey with a ceremony. 

We look forward to sharing more stories in the coming months.  The Common Ground pastors carry the tools they need – an education and a Bible – and we know are surrounded by the Holy Spirit to boldly walk through this work. You can support a pastor through his education here.