Our team is almost on its way home from Goma, and there are so many more stories to share.  But we could not wait to share the impact on this one little boy, Joseph, whose name has been changed to protect the sensitive nature of the work of healing from trauma.  Check out this update from Tammy Wallin, our U.S. team member.

When I first sat with my group and gathered my first impressions, I decided Joseph was a trouble maker. He had a hardness about him, a rebelliousness. He did not want to engage in the sessions and was a bit disruptive. Today, as I looked around the table at these children who have heard the gospel spoken in varying ways throughout the week, I was struck by what I saw in Joseph. He has softened. He is engaged. He is excited and eager to recite Bible verses. He is obedient, smart, and thoughtful! I pray he continues in this way. As I looked across the table at him today, I pictured Joseph as a leader himself one day.