Check out this story from a Common Ground Graduate in Malawi, and sign up to come to the Spread the Word Bible Banquet on March 27 so that more Malawian pastors can get a new Bible and Bibles for their communities when they graduate.

My name is Nyson Kaphesi. I am a pastor in Baptist Church. I would like to briefly testify about how the African Leadership Training Program has assisted me personally and my ministry.

Before attending this training, my knowledge in the Word of God was very little. But because of the calling which I felt in my heart, I had no choice but to be engaged in preaching the Good News about Jesus Christ to the people even without training. I was making a lot of blunders in my ministry but I couldn’t realize this. I realized my blunders when I attended the training program offered by African Leadership. The training opened my eyes and influenced my ministration and approach to the ministry.

I graduated in 2012 and since then I have seen a big change in my life and ministry. The church which I serve has grown from 200 to over 300 members within a short period of time. After learning that the Great Commission requires the church to go out and preach the Gospel to the lost, I influenced my members to take heed to the command of Jesus in Great Commission. Therefore we always go out for outreach ministry once every week and this has helped us to reach many people with the gospel in my area and some of them have surrendered their lives to Jesus. For example, this year alone (2014), 40 people have been won for Christ and have since joined our church.

My spiritual life is growing and has changed. My attitude toward God and His Word has really changed because I have learned to spend quiet time with him. This is something which was not possible before my training with African Leadership.

Since I graduated in 2012, I have been engaged in teaching my fellow pastors in my area. They take me as a role model in the ministry. They have seen the difference in the way I was handling the Word of God and other issues related to the ministry before my training and how I am doing them now after my training. I have put much effort in teaching various groups at my church and this is helping me to have a large percentage of members who are actively involved in some sort of ministry at the church.

Thank you African Leadership for this powerful ministry. I have made up my mind to be involved in training other pastors in my area and my church members for the furtherance of the kingdom of God.