• An orphan care program providing 69 orphans with maize flour, home cooking, soap, and other basic necessities
  • A nursery school attending to 121 children
  • Tuition for 15 orphans to receive secondary school education
  • Bible study programs and counseling for 89 women living with HIV/AIDS, in addition to the provision of a garden that grows vegetables to help them maintain proper nutrition
  • An under-5 clinic open to the community’s children
  • An outreach group ministering to 35 widows

This isn’t a list highlighting some of the notable achievements of our several project partners across the continent.

It’s a list of the achievements of ONE church leader who graduated from the Common Ground Academy in 2013.

It’s the story of Chipiliro Jentala Phiri, the pastor of Jesus Calls Church in the village of Chankhungu, outside Lilongwe, Malawi. Pastor Chipiliro explains, “After seeing the problems my community was facing, I had a burden in my heart to do something about it.”

When he began his education in the African Leadership Common Ground Academy in 2012, Pastor Chipiliro’s church had 40 members. In the years since graduating, he marvels at what his church has grown into through each of these initiatives – the orphan care program, the nursery school, secondary school support, Bible study groups for women with HIV/AIDS and widows, and an under-5 clinic for children.

“Because of all these initiatives, our church has become a center where people from 22 surrounding villages go for help.” His church has grown in size from 40 members to 421 members. “I thank God for African Leadership. This organization has added value to my personal life and ministry. May God bless African Leadership and its partners.”

So, what do you say? Are you willing to invest in just one leader? $18 a month helps a church leader like Pastor Chipiliro receive a crucial, comprehensive, and accessible pastoral education. Give today…make an impact forever.