We all love a story…a narrative that takes us from where we are to where we long to be.  We search prose for glimpses of ourselves, or maybe who we hope to become.   Despite our location, vocation, security, or prosperity we are a people drawn to story. 

There is indeed one story that traverses all cultures…a story of brokenness, reconciliation, hope, and healing. It is a story that can bring a Wall Street tycoon to his knees and an African orphan to sing.  It is the Greatest Story Ever Told. 

Common Ground Academy is committed to ensuring this story, God’s Word, is shared throughout Africa.  We exist to make disciples – men and women who commit to learning sound Biblical teaching and advancing the Gospel one life at a time.  

Denis Hangi, a Country Director in the DRC, is one such disciple. For almost 40 years Denis has committed his life to bringing hope and healing to his country.  He became a pastor in 1977 and joined African Leadership in 2002.  Over the years he has trained pastors, planted churches, spearheaded trauma healing initiatives, and supported orphanages. On the heart level he has loved the marginalized, lifted the oppressed, ministered to the broken and educated those passionate for the Gospel. He is indeed a picture of Christ at work on Earth. 

Recently African Leadership caught up with Denis to learn about current conditions in his country and how we can help.

From The Pulpit:

“Churches are being planted all over the country but ministers who are called to serve have no formal theological or ministry training. The result is church members miss the Word and start to run from church to church because they are not rooted in Biblical Truth.” 

Common Ground Academy’s two-year, ten-course theological education provides the sound Biblical teaching Denis’ community so desperately needs. Pastors and community leaders are equipped for gospel living to tackle moral, cultural, physical and spiritual needs of their ravaged communities. 

To People:

“In the DRC, people cross a very hard time; a war without end.  Men are the first targets to get killed, women are victims of rape, and children are left abandoned. Properties are looted, relatives go missing, and inheritances are stolen.  Trauma healing is a great need.”

This coming year, African Leadership is working to train 50 Congolese leaders in trauma-healing, 30 of which will be trained in adult trauma-healing and 20 in child trauma-healing. Estimating that each facilitator impacts 20 people with this new know-how and influential training, our goal is to restore hope to 1,130 trauma survivors here per year.

To Places:

“90% of children live in poverty and 60% are orphans.  Some pass time in the streets without help, a place to sleep, or food.  For them, love never exists and the future is dark.  These children need to see God’s love.”

Flame of Love Orphan Care Program is a Common Ground initiative in Goma.   Around 70 orphans are fed, housed, provided an education, and live in a Gospel-centered community.  The Flame of Love Orphanage gives children healing for today and hope for tomorrow.

From the Pulpit, to People, to Places, you can invest in Africa. Click here to invest now!