In the DRC, life is marked with challenge.  Especially for women like Noelah, who endured abuse, illness, and no safe place to call home. 

But this year, our pastors in the DRC found her, and moved Noelah and her daughters to a new place.  It’s an orphanage you support, where she now lives with other women and girls transitioning to a better life, and encountering the Gospel. 

This year, Noelah and her girls will learn to leave behind abandonment and hurt, and grow in the love of Christ.  It will be a year of facing that trauma through a proven intervention launching at the orphanage, making her new home a place of healing.

Today, she is learning to cook in the new kitchen you built this year.  And she will grow food in a new garden center.  It’s these kinds of marketable skills that can break a cycle of poverty.

This is only the beginning for Noelah and her girls.  Their lives are changed, thanks to your partnership with Africa’s pastors and servant leaders leading the charge in the DRC.

We thank you for being part of her and so many other stories – today and in the coming year. 

Support pastors who are changing lives like Noelah’s.