Dear friend of African Leadership,

Today we mourn the passing of our Country Director in Zambia, Christopher Maximillian Mwanza. He was loved and cherished by his wife Sylvia and children, Danny, Andy, Sylvia Mthunzi, and Carlos. He was preceded in death by their son Max. Christopher had been battling poor health for the last few months. He will be laid to rest Saturday.

As a young man, Christopher was a freedom fighter in the Zambian independence movement. It took a missionary from Malawi three times to help him see that his talents were meant for something else, telling him: "Now your time has come, don't hide. God is ready for you and He can use you."

A pastor in the New Life Baptist Church, Christopher's ministry with African Leadership began in 2001 with one class of 10 students and grew to 36 classes and 437 students across the country.

He held Common Ground Academy classes in the rural countryside forgotten by other schools, planted new churches across Zambia, and started several local ministries - without outside funding - to care for the poor and needy in his community. And through all of this, he still found time to lead by example - consistently dedicating himself to personal study and family with resolute vision and clear purpose.

His life was sparked by the challenge that his time had come. We will miss him deeply, this man of great character. We trust his funeral will be a celebration of a life spent in selfless service to the Kingdom.

As Christopher would often say in closing: "Remain well, let the Lord bless you and your ministry, and allow God all the time to lead you."

Please join me in prayer for Christopher's family.

John P. Walter

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