Jonathan Titus-Williams serves a country recovering economically, physically, and spiritually from 11 years of civil war. A country of 6 million people, a majority of them Muslim. Jonathan is a servant leader in Sierra Leone.

Born into a Muslim home, Jonathan was raised by his grandparents. When he reached school age, the school he was sent to required him to attend Sunday church services. It was here that Jonathan became a Christian. Now his dream is to see his country well-evangelized. Says Jonathan, “The Lord will use me as an instrument to reach out to this vast majority of people who do not know Him. That’s my heartbeat and what I pray in whatever I do.”

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As African Leadership’s Sierra Leone Country Director, Jonathan oversees 323 students currently enrolled in the country’s Common Ground Academies. His pilot of the Common Ground Handbook led to the successful completion of a water well for a rural community in the Tonkolili District in central Sierra Leone. This initiative not only opened the door to the church in a Muslim-dominated village, but Jonathan also says that it challenged the norm that “pastors are there just to preach.”

Jonathan’s servant leadership is constantly on display. Join us August 7th to meet him in person and hear it firsthand!