Investing in Africa’s servant leaders means partnering with those men and women across Africa who exemplify Christ-like leadership within their families, the church and their communities.  African Leadership includes a unique group of these African leaders who represent a population of over 763 million people across the continent.  Dennis Omondi is one of these leaders.

Dennis is African Leadership’s Country Director in Kenya. Based in Mombasa, Dennis oversees the 15 teachers and 168 students currently enrolled in African Leadership’s Common Ground Academy in his country. He attended Denton Bible Church's Missionary Training Institute and worked at Denton Bible Church in Texas before returning to Mombasa, where he met his wife and became the lead pastor of South Coast Community Church.

Servant leadership and discipleship are key parts of Dennis’ ministry and were nurtured through example as he was growing up.  Having had a missionary, Ms. Louise, invest in him at the early age of six, Dennis gave his life to Christ during his teenage years while attending a camp. “The pictures from Ms. Louise’s lessons began playing in my mind. God used her in an amazing way” says Dennis.

It is with this understanding of pouring into the lives of others that Dennis spends his time reinvesting in other leaders throughout Kenya. His desire is to “see Africa transformed for African people through African people,” and he is up for the challenge: “Africa is big but I believe this can happen” with the right people. And those people are plenty in Kenya.

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