One of the core values of African Leadership is impact assessment. If Dennis Omondi’s 168 students are merely showing up for class, listening for a couple hours, then making the trip home, we are not carrying out our mission. To ensure program quality and impact, African Leadership has developed surveys to track student progress on predetermined outcomes and indicators throughout their time in the Common Ground Academy. A recent program assessment created an ongoing dialogue between Africa-based and U.S.-based leaders. The result was a comprehensive teacher development program — something that will help Dennis and our other 14 Country Directors assure that the teachers they serve are being invested in well, so they can in turn invest in their students. Dennis has spearheaded the charge to bring consistency to this teacher development program across the continent of Africa. He and his local team, along with other African Leadership Country Directors, are currently continuing the important work of revising this program — crafting a plan that provides existing and potential teachers with the practical skills they need to be catalysts of transformation in the communities in which they live and serve. With Dennis' help, workshops have already been held in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. These workshops have proven to be a platform for teachers to weigh in on course materials, student retention, and practical discipleship methods. The effect is already evident -- as a result, new class guidelines have been introduced and a renewed focus on quality growth has permeated the Common Ground Academy at the foundational level.