African Leadership and Know Think Act Announce Strategic Partnership

African Leadership, Inc., a Brentwood, Tenn.-based non-profit organization dedicated to investing in Africa’s servant leaders, announced an official partnership today with like-minded Know Think Act of Nashville, Tenn.

Under the agreement, this partnership keeps the name, mission and work of Know Think Act (KTA) intact while dissolving the organization’s legal status and bringing its assets under the operations of African Leadership.

“When two organizations share such similar missions, a partnership like this simply makes sense – most importantly for those in Africa whose lives are changed,” said John Walter, president of African Leadership.  “We look forward to this new era for both African Leadership and KTA.”

Both African Leadership and KTA carry a track record of working alongside community leaders in Africa to break the cycle of poverty through faith-based, sustainable solutions that originate in the communities they impact.

“This is the right next step for KTA,” said Travis Gravette, founder and CEO of Know Think Act.  “Our shared, deep passion for the kind of work that originates in a local community and fuels change will allow our projects to continue to thrive.”

Affirming the mutual benefit, both African Leadership and KTA board members unanimously approved the asset purchase agreement, paving the way for the closing, which took place on June 12, 2014. KTA joins Mocha Club as a member of the African Leadership family.

Current KTA donors can continue their support of current projects in the same way they always have, now through African Leadership.  Tax-deductible statements will come through African Leadership Inc. Anyone with questions may contact African Leadership’s Chief Community Officer, Curtis Stoneberger at 615-595-8238.

About African Leadership

Based in Brentwood, Tenn., African Leadership is a Christian development organization investing in Africa’s servant leaders. Working to find common ground for the African church and the communities it serves, the organization provides pastoral education at Common Grounds Academies and solution-oriented, Bible-based community development education through the Common Grounds Handbook, helping local churches love their neighbors and delivering superior education and abiding love in hard and overlooked places. For more information, visit

About Know Think Act

Know Think Act is an online community that connects members with the needs of people living in extreme poverty. KTA partners with local leaders who are working to end the cycle of poverty in their community through faith-based, locally led initiatives.  At the same time, KTA raises awareness of these needs among members who can become an ally in this work. For more information, visit

About Mocha Club:

The micro-giving arm of African Leadership, Mocha Club brings together a community of people giving up the cost of a few mocha coffee drinks a month to fund development projects in Africa.  Since 2005, Mocha Club has focused on funding five core project areas: clean water, education, economic freedom, health care, and orphan care. For more information, visit