Learning techniques, like most everything else, have evolved quickly over the past few years. Research has indicated that traditional learning methods - the textbook and lecture routine so often employed - have only a 5-10% retention rate. Meaning that up to 90-95% of the information taught is lost. It seems like a spurious statistic – but think about it, do you remember who the 19th President was from your history textbooks? Or the DNA structure from your science textbooks? (Don’t worry, we don’t either!) As such, we’ve been reevaluating our teaching methods. The Gospel is too transformative and too extravagant an experience to be subject to passive, traditional teaching. For this reason, African Leadership is developing an intentional and interactive learning system – one that utilizes technology by replacing textbooks with tablets, reading with doing, and theoretical examples with applicable actions.

This interactive tablet leads us into a new era of teaching. It delivers information to students through updated, pragmatic learning methods. The usability of a tablet allows students to relate with and explore the material while at home in their own communities and also opens the door to potential income-generating activities. The connectivity of a tablet supports communication and relationships between church leaders near and far and enhances the discipleship model currently used between teacher and student. The customizability of a tablet makes relevant information accessible, up-to-date, and tailored to African pedagogy.

The retention rate for such participatory-styled techniques? 50-90%. It is education combined with action. Graduates retaining more of the information they learn, preaching more efficiently, and leading their church communities more effectively: this is the future of African Leadership’s Applied Education program.