UPDATE: On September 6th we were able to speak with Pastor G. His family has been able to go back to their home, but G must remain in hiding. He conveyed his thankfulness for the prayers and asked that we continue to pray, specifically for a personal vehicle to use. It is often difficult to tell if someone is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood or not, so relying on anyone else for transportation is dangerous. He reported that many churches have closed because of the ongoing attacks, and as such requested prayer that those churches can soon be reopened for worship services.

The Headlines

You've seen the headlines. "Raids in Cairo bring sirens, gunfire, then screams" in the New York Times. "Egypt's bloodbath" in The Economist. "Egypt death toll continues to rise" in the Washington Post.

Beyond the Headlines

It's undeniable that Egypt has given the world much to talk about recently. But beyond the headlines - beyond the statistics, the politics, the shifting balance of power - another divide is being revealed: as the military targets Muslim Brotherhood supporters, Muslim Brotherhood supporters fight back by targeting the 10% of the population that is Christian.

Image courtesy of Foreign Policy

On the Ground

Our Country Director - we will refer to him only as "G" - is right in the middle of it all. He lives in a province on the Nile River that has seen numerous Christian institutions attacked and burned to the ground: churches, businesses, houses, and schools. In mid-July, G, his family, and several members of his congregation abandoned their homes to seek refuge together in their church. When they learned this church was a target, G's group fled. They have since relocated to another church building in an undisclosed location where they remain today.

G's Response

With unshaken faith, G has been able to continue his teaching mostly unimpeded. He received a shipment of course materials last week that will allow his classes to progress in their studies despite the turmoil surrounding them. G has ended recent correspondence with us with phrases such as, "We need prayer, but God's work is well." and "God answers our prayers more than we could ever ask or imagine." His is a remarkable faith indeed.

Our Response

It's easy to feel helpless being an ocean away. But as G's faith endures, so must ours. As the attacks continue, G's classes also continue. As many Egyptians worry about their personal safety and the stability of their country, G focuses on his desire to fund the Arabic Study Bibles his students need. While history unfolds, G remains devoted to the work God is unfolding before him.

For more information about the ongoing situation in Egypt, BBC has compiled several helpful articles and up to the minute updates. We also invite you to pray alongside us for G, his family, and his students. If you'd like to help G purchase Arabic Study Bibles for his resilient students at $30 each, you can do so here.