Dying your hair a vibrant and undeniable shade of pink. Voluntarily living below the poverty line for a week. Running 13.1 miles despite having no history in long distance running. Seeing a paralytic stand up and walk with natural and effortless use of his legs.

If I told you that these were the endings to four different stories, you’d think those must be some pretty crazy stories. But that’s the thing: it always sounds crazy in the beginning.


When Jesus entered Capernaum, crowds filled any and all available space for the chance to hear him preach. Among those in the crowd vying for a spot in Jesus’ presence was a paralyzed man who had come to be healed. Four other men had carried him there on a mat.

Can you imagine the conversation that could’ve happened between those five men when they decided to brave the crowds to see Jesus? When they decided to carry a man incapable of walking there on his own with the belief that he could be walking home without their help? It must’ve sounded crazy in the beginning, but we know how the story ends. The four men cut a hole in the roof, lower their friend down to Jesus, and in front of skeptics and believers alike, Jesus forgives the man’s sins and ends his paralysis. Crazy belief – great reward.


Mocha Club, the Community Development arm of African Leadership, launched a campaign called Purpose Project late last summer. Purpose Project takes seemingly crazy ideas, adds a larger purpose, and gives individuals the little push they need to see their ideas come to life.

Brittany always wanted bright pink hair, but was hesitant to make such a drastic change until she found out about the Women at Risk program in Ethiopia. Empowered by the belief that she could make a difference in the lives of these women, she set a goal to raise $1200 and pledged to buy the dye and make the change if her goal was met. $2800 later, her belief was rewarded, her hair is pink, and she has a bold new way to tell people about her heart for Africa and Women at Risk.

A group of university students wanted to live a week under the poverty line, pledged to do so if they raised $2400, and then watched as their crazy idea brought awareness to education projects in Kenya. A mother in Illinois wanted to face the challenge of running a half marathon, pledged to do so if she raised $1000, and will now be running 13.1 miles in September while bringing clean water, a runner’s best friend, to communities in Africa.


The end result when belief is coupled with courage is tremendous, even if it seems absolutely crazy in the beginning. What are you willing to be bold for? What have you always wanted to do but just needed a little extra motivation? Visit blog.themochaclub.org/purpose-project to put a purpose to your crazy idea. The reward you stand to gain is too great to pass up.