Bibles and Bombs in Nuba

Always at the start of the session, I remind my students where the foxhole is situated so they could be safe in case of any danger.”

Rev. Tito Iranga is African Leadership's Director in both Sudan and South Sudan. He recently filed this report of his experiences in the Nuba Mountains, a large region along the border of the two countries.

He tells of schools that post a student outside the classroom to scan the sky for warplanes; of Miriam who lost all her children and all her property; of the large, new, beautiful mosque that dominates the border town and serves as a reminder of the full nature of the north/south conflict. In short, this is a story of an ongoing war.

And Yet… 

And yet, 37 students – men, women, and children – were present for Tito’s most recent session in this hard place. At a time when the church is needed more than ever, those who chose to stay or were simply unable to flee are ministering to their trauma-ridden communities with a deeper understanding of the Bible’s source, its message, and its power to transform – all of which our intensive education provides to them.

A Surprise 

One thing that caught Tito by surprise was the students’ insistence on using English, not Arabic, manuals. This is a community shaking off the norms, practices, and essence of their former country and present antagonist, a community that deeply desires to know and practice God’s will. So much so that people like Ibrahim are “smiling big because some of the things we discussed in class they have encountered in their ministry, and now they are happy to have gotten the methods of how to deal with them.”

Our Response

This is one of those times when our prayer and financial requests are one and the same. Carrying out this important work in a community that is isolated, under bombardment, and without even basic resources defies imagination. And yet… it continues. But it needs your prayers for Tito, for the pastors who risk their lives to attend class, for endless challenges that sap even the strongest will. Your generous financial support to this region will help answer those prayers.