Four years ago, Pastor Abebe Yewhalashet was completing his African Leadership training courses while acting as class coordinator for the northern region of Ethiopia. With a deep-rooted desire to make the Gospel available to all, he chose to relocate his family and plant a church in the city of Gonder, an area known for its resistance to evangelism.

Shortly after his arrival, Pastor Abebe began teaching African Leadership pastor training classes. After three years of teaching, 72 men and women have graduated as a result of his dedication to passing on the knowledge that has been entrusted to him. However, his efforts to bring the life-changing Gospel to his newly adopted community did not stop with planting a church and teaching classes.

Since moving to Gonder, Pastor Abebe had become aware of a multitude of children who were unable to afford a basic education. Believing that basic education is a key element in the development of every child, Pastor Abebe organized financial support to cover school fees and materials for 30 children within the community, 28 of which are being raised by single mothers.

This overt display of Christ’s love for these children has demolished many of the barriers to the Gospel message that had previously been in place. Now community members are eager to listen to Pastor Abebe’s message of Truth, and the local government has recognized him with a letter of support and appreciation.

Pastor Abebe Yewhalashet’s unwavering faith led him to take action in his community to make the love of Christ known. He exemplifies the character of the men and women that African Leadership desires to equip for the advancement of the Kingdom of God throughout the continent of Africa.