In Uganda, Geoffrey Ocan's leadership has led to the creation of many new faith communities. In Kenya, I was privileged to be at New Dawn Academy alongside librarian Margaret Chao as a new electronic library stocked with e-readers was commissioned. I watched as the students taught the elders how to use the new e-readers. Right here at home, a 10-year-old girl heard hard stories about Africa and resolved to be part of the answer. Today, the 10-year-old girl is now a 19-year-old young woman whose resolve was and is the inspiration behind Ellie's Run for Africa. Ellie's Run, now in it's 9th year, is a staple in Nashville and a consistent supporter of New Dawn Academy.

The common thread? In each case, a young man or woman looked around, saw a situation, and responded. And where they boldly went, others followed. That is the essence of leadership.

You might have noticed the words "invest deep" showing up in our communications recently. African Leadership is called to "invest deep" across the full span of the African continent. Invest means to “use, give, or devote for a purpose.” Deep is defined as “extending far down from the surface.” Invest deep accepts the reality of working in a broken, messy, and unpredictable world. But in the middle of that chaos, transformative leaders like Geoffrey, Margaret, and Ellie make all the difference.

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