The emerging generation of leaders at New Dawn Education Center are being guided by a staff committed to investing deep in their community through education.

Margaret Chao, school librarian, spends her day encouraging the educational excellence of New Dawn students. She shares with us a little bit about herself and the impact of New Dawn Education Center.
“I really want to pass my sincere gratitude to African Leadership, together with the other donors, for helping me achieve my dreams. I am a 32 years old single mother, a mother of one daughter called Charity who is now 10 years old.

It was my dream for the past eleven years ago for me to further my studies but due to the circumstances at that time it was really hard for me to join a college since I had a child who had joined school, I had to pay my house rent every month, provide basic necessities to my child and many other responsibilities which truly were justifiable for me not to further my studies but I thank the Almighty for enabling me to keep my dream a reality in me and to keep on trusting on Him. I have finished my diploma course in Library and Information Science which lasted for 3 years and my girl is now in grade 5. Through the help of Mocha Club/African Leadership, Ellie’s Run for Africa and other organizations who have shown me God’s love and provision through their sacrificial love and kind giving I was able to join and finished my diploma course.

I truly want to thank you so much for enabling my dreams become a reality. Yes as much as I am grateful for what you have done for me I would like kindly request you guys to continue with the same effort since most of our graduating students are qualified to join in our local colleges and universities but due to lack of financial support from their parents and guardians they return to the same old ways of living and some become even worse by indulging themselves into drugs and prostitution in order to provide for themselves.

I must admit that my dreams became a reality by the support I received from you guys. Thank you so much. Also it is not that I have achieved it all, I am dreaming to further my dreams to the masters level and achieve much more in this world. THANK YOU.”

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