WHAT DOES African Leadership Inc (ALI) DO? AND WHY?

OUR PURPOSE Our purpose is to make our heavenly Father’s heart apparent in Africa’s hard places, so that lives and communities give witness to it. Christ did this by combining action with information, deeds with words. Our two program areas - Action and Education reflect his approach in the 23 African countries we work in. We invest deep in these hard places. Our BUILD deep approach to action means we stick around long enough – and through enough – in order to see the kind of change that sticks. It’s one thing to build a high school building in a slum. It is quite another to serve its leadership through good times and bad long enough to see graduates of the program come home to start an elementary school in the same neighborhood where the local school is out of financial and logistical reach of most families. Our LIVE deep education program goes deep with 13,000 enrolled pastors, church planters and local leaders. Their teachers guide them through a two-year college curriculum that sends them out better equipped to live and teach the Gospel. By the way, many of these African teachers leading these classes are college trained, and all of the classes are held in locations close to pastor’s homes. This helps ensure that the local leader remains engaged in their local community. Our fashionABLE subsidiary is a textbook case of how an integrated approach of Action and Education can really make a difference. It started with counseling girls and women forced into prostitution, which grew into skills training for them, which resulted in a woman-owned weaving business in Ethiopia. Today, we buy their finished product and sell it profitably here in the US under our fashionABLE label. Locally generated profits helps the weaving business stay open; US generated profits get contributed back to the cause. But here’s the rub. These things simply take time. Patience. Persistence. Tolerance of mistakes and setback. In places where few things – if any – work like we are used to here, we cannot apply timeframes or expectations from here. That’s what it means to invest deep. And that’s what it takes in the hard places. We know this is not for everyone. We know that. But for those who want to participate in the adventure of life lived to its fullest, we invite you to join us and invest deep in the hard places. You’ll warm the Father’s heart when you do. And your own heart too. And the hearts of those who are close to you. And those who don’t even know you yet, for adventure and hard stuff are alluring. Join us. JOURNEY deep to hard places with us, and when you come back you will never. Be. The. Same.