New Dawn Worldreader Project:

The dedication of the New Dawn Educational Resource Center in Nairobi, Kenya took place on August 10, 2012. It was a triumphal celebration when the students at New Dawn experienced God’s faithfulness and provision with their very first library. We now face the challenge of filling the library with the appropriate books and learning materials to ensure that this magnificent resource reaches its utmost potential for the equipping of New Dawn students. With the rising costs of paper, shipping, and printing we have discovered that e-readers and digital books have become the most flexible and economical method of providing library books and learning materials. Thanks to donors like you, African Leadership in conjunction with the Worldreader Project is providing 60 e-readers loaded with more than 100 books to the students of the New Dawn Educational Center. This is just one example of the innovative ways African Leadership is leading the charge to impact future generations across the continent of Africa. Through the e-reader students at New Dawn will have access to more than 220,000 books that will help them reach their God-given potential. We are confident that as students are inspired through reading they will make a profound influence in the communities where they live, work, and serve. The official launch date of this e-reader program will be February 1, 2013. You have the opportunity to provide 10 digital books for a New Dawn student for just $50.00. Please consider helping us to reach our goal of 2500 books.